Relational Coaching

"All life is relationship.” -Sri Amma Bhagavan

Other humans, the earth and the sky, the trees, your ancestors, your home, the multitude of your selves… all these are relationships that are calling to be tended, healed, and deepened. 


“We are always in multiple relationships.” - Dr. Kim Tallbear

What is “being in a relationship?” What unacknowledged relational frameworks are you operating from? How can you approach relationships in a way that feels both liberated and boundaried, consensual and exploratory? 


Relational coaching can include:

- Disentangling from conditioning that tells you what what love and relationship should look like. This may include questioning the concepts of monogamy and the nuclear family,  explorations of polyamory, and other forms of relationship beyond monogamy.


- Learning to recognize and tend relationships with land, altars, ancestors, and the unseen. Across many cultures, these relationships have been (and continue to be) honored as a part of daily life. Uncover and deepen your own culturally relevant practices for mindfully approaching and tending these non-human relationships.


- Intuitive channeling of the many voices that make up who you are. Listening to these parts of the self and learning to offer them what they really need creates the landscape for integration and wholeness. 


What webs of community, culture, and belonging might grow from carefully tending your own relational ecosystem?



Rate: $100 / hour 

Package of 4 sessions: $350

(Sliding scale available.)

Sessions are approximately 1 hour and can be done over phone, Zoom, or outdoors in a natural setting such as the midcoast Maine woods or oceanside.

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