My work is a story about this time. The story is about power, it’s about never enough, it’s about ownership and exploitation and disconnection. It’s also about re-imagining, it’s about rooting, it’s about joy and healing and those we do not see. It’s about soil and billions of bacteria and listening deeply to the softest voices. It’s about being both free and interwoven. 


My work is an offering on the altar of this time. It’s about finding a way forward and back. I want each of us to find our place in this story, so that we feel safe and grounded, joyful, powerful, and useful as we move forward in service of the sacred.


I do this in the following ways:


Coaching: Holding space for the heartbeat of relationship and culture that is pulsing up through the synthetic veneer.


Bodywork: Moving what is stuck so that space is made to listen to the body, forgotten parts of ourselves, our ancestors, and the land.


Teaching: Ashtanga Yoga, Sowing Post-Capitalist Seeds and Wildwood Path

Misty Woodland

Craig Bianco

My work with Moriah was an eye opening journey of self-evaluation. She helped me reorganize my relationship building tools while also adding a few new ones to the toolbox. We discussed polyamory and ethical non-monogamy, both of which were concepts that were new to me. Asking to include my partner during our initial meeting made both my partner and I more comfortable moving forward. I have started forging new relationships of all kinds since meeting Moriah. I am comfortable with my renovated and rejuvenated self and it is obvious other people are as well.

She was willing to walk along side me rather than in front of me. She held my hand. She set me free.


Kelly Nafie

I feel grateful every day to have been introduced to Moriah and her work. She has been a gentle, guiding force in my journey of healing and growth for nearly three years, and her connectedness and wisdom continue to astound me. In a sea of many wanting to capitalize on spirituality, I am blessed to have found a true, genuine, gifted gem who is clearly doing her work for all the right reasons. I leave our telephone sessions feeling calmed and settled in a grounded awareness and connection with myself that is a challenge to attain and maintain in the professional arena in which I choose to operate. I wish I could get all of my colleagues, family, and friends to work with her! The world would be a better place for it. Thank you, Moriah, from the all of my soul, which is delighted to know more joy, self-compassion, and true expression thanks to our work together.


Michelle Moschkau

The most lovely thing I felt during the session is how connected you are to the land! Also how you carry awareness of the human experience throughout time - the possible ways to live and be with one another expand in me as I am exposed to this. 


It was also the first time I've been in a healing session where a recognition of systems of power was at the forefront. It felt deep and whole. My understanding of myself within all of this mess feels essential for healing, and going beyond self and family system feels like the only way to truly understand the possibilities for collective healing. Thank you, Moriah!


Stephanie Sohns

I experience daily chronic pain and inflammation. Standard detox methods and regular massage have little to no impact anymore. Yet after one bodywork session with Moriah I was pain free for over 48 hours, showing me just how sluggishly my lymphatic system is currently functioning.


I believe that this technique is absolutely essential for assisting the lymphatic system in the dumping of unwanted toxins and other waste that shows up as pain and disease, and may even be a panacea for human health at this time in our history.

Moriah is an effective and gifted healer who connects skillfully and respectfully to the individual before her, with conscious hands and an open heart.


Malik Coburn

All temples require maintenance with tender love and care. This comes with touch, intention, reflection, and taking time to breathe. Moriah provided me with all of these. She asked me what I was feeling, where I was feeling it, and proceeded to provide me with the work that I needed done.


It was easy to share my being with her - via a comforting voice, gentle hands, and a genuine interest in accompanying me on the journey to better health. Moriah is a goddess in her movements and interactions of "x'traction" and will have you glowing and ready to give more x's & o's to yourself and surroundings. I recommend you get in touch.

What my clients have to say:


What I Offer

Together we will find ways to deepen your spiritual practice, align yourself and your relationships with your values and desires, and channel your energy into creating a life that is based in joy, liberation, and love.

I provide sliding scale and barter options to people who hold marginalized identities or find themselves struggling financially. Please do not hesitate to email me to discuss.

in love & freedom,



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Midcoast Maine, semi-annual trips to Boston, New York City, and Vermont.