Sowing Post-Capitalist Seeds

** We've currently started this round March 5, 2019.**

We plan to offer it again either later in 2019.

Submit your application to be added to the waiting list for the next round. 

Our course is focused on answering the question: How can I thrive in my life, work and relationships as I integrate the praxis of anti-capitalism?

As we move into post capitalism, we need people sharing what experiments are working and worth expanding. We need places of possibility and vision and space holders to grow something new. We need containers to grow the seedlings of ideas into whole ecosystems of microeconomies to support all of us abundantly. 
We need resources, support, space, connection, spirituality, and money to grow these visions. 

We need intersectional ways of being that support the marginalized and support life through this climate crisis and ecosystems collapse. We need direct ways to dismantle capitalism, patriarchy, and colonialism as we build the new. 
We need healing and to build our resilience and networks like trees holding each other below the surface of the ground, bracing and supporting new life. 
Planting seeds of change. 

This course is for all individuals that identify as womxn and trans/gender non-conforming folx; entrepreneurs, creatives, community planners, visionaries, healers, and connectors who are ready to engage in new post capitalist ways.

Our Sowing Post-Capitalism Seeds course is useful for: re-evaluating where you are in kyriarchy, clarity on your own ecosystem and niches rich for amelioration and attention, practices around grief, spirituality, and reflection necessary to face the truths of the world without turning away, ways to integrate anti-capitalism into your life, work, and relationships in meaningful ways, and a place to connect with like-minded individuals. 


Course Details 

** We've currently started this round March 5, 2019. We plan to offer it again either later in 2019. Submit your application to be added to the waiting list for the next round. 

When: 12-Weeks Course starting on March 5, application cut-off March 1st.
8 Live call (TBD) on Tuesdays, 1 pm Eastern time via Zoom (Recordings available)

Place: Discussions on Mighty Networks

Materials: Open source curriculum & book: Caliban and the Witch by Silvia Federici. 

Investment: $300 USD 

Please get in touch if you need a payment plan or sliding scale option here.


Tentative Course Schedule 

Week 1: Introductions and Diving Deep
Week 2: Systems of Power and Money
Week 3: Grieving and Releasing
Week 4: Integrating / Q&A
Week 5: Finding Your Place
Week 6: From Theory to Praxis
Week 7: Money Wounds and Abundance
Week 8: Integrate / Q&A
Week 9: Working During Apocalypse
Week 10: Labor, Rhythms, and (Eco)systems (w/ guest Amy Green)
Week 11: From Debt to "Mutual Indebtedness"
Week 12: Carrying Our Seeds into the World

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